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The Busch Firm

2532 Dupont Drive
Irvine, CA 92612-1524
Telephone: 949.474.7368
Fax: 949.474.7732

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From the 405 North Bound
Exit Jamboree. Turn left on Jamboree, then turn right onto Dupont Drive. The Busch Group building will be on the left-hand side, just before Bardeen.

From the 405 South Bound
Exit Jamboree. Turn right on Jamboree, then turn right onto Dupont Drive. The Busch Group building will be on the left-hand side, just before Bardeen.

Professional Contact Information

Name E-mail address Telephone No./Ext. Position
Busch, Gregory 949.474.7368 x206 CPA
Busch, Timothy 949.474.7368 x100 Attorney / CPA / Founder
Clemens, Linda 949.474.7368 x153 Billing / Accounts Receivable
Danker, Catherine  949.474.7368 x118 Sr. Estate Planning Paralegal
Derayunan, Josie 949.474.7368 x213 Accounts Payable
Hoy, Angela 949.474.7368 x123 Executive Assistant
Kramer, Kory 949.474.7368 x223 Managing Director
Leip, Brian 949.474.7368 x1853 Controller
Lerner, William 949.474.7368 x169 Office Manager
Lester, Sean 949.474.7368 x116 Staff Accountant
Lucey, Sarah 949.474.7368 x214 Administrative Assistant
McCormick, Emily 949.474.7368 x158 Marketing Assistant
Moody, John  949.474.7368 x102 President, Busch Financial Services
Mulcaire, George 949.474.7368 x205 Attorney
Muldoon, Sheila 949.474.7368 x108 Attorney
Nguyen, Vincent 949.474.7368 x133 Administrative Assistant
Quesada, Michael 949.474.7368 x320 Tax Professional
Villanueva, Genevieve 949.474.7368 x0 Marketing Assistant / Receptionist
Villanueva, Gordina 949.474.7368 x166 Executive Secretary
Wong, Lynda 949.474.7368 x112 Sr. Corporate Paralegal